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Phil Hellmuth & Brad Garrett | Thunder Casino | Cash Game Poker 2017 | 2nd Night – Part 4

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We comeback, with the second night of the First Cash Game of 2017, in Thunder Casino. Phil Hellmuth is back, Kelly Winterhalter too, and now, the poker player and actor Brad Garret joined the table.
The second night, january, 29 featured new players: John Bracy, Matt Glantz, Jay Karnofsky and Tom Schneider.
Enjoy the second night of cash poker of 2017 at the Thunder Casino.

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  1. Phil on tilt and playing awful as he always does.. love it 😀

  2. I know that he is short, but why does Phil need to ship it there. seriously he could be losing to many more hands there, the set is not the least of his issues

  3. Did someone actually get paid for doing these horrid graphics? I really like to follow the betting strategy, but you can't see it most of the time. And, they waste time putting a second set of the community cards out, but can't follow the betting.

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