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High Stakes Poker 2017 | Sam Trickett | Blinds €100/€200 | King’s Casino Rozvadov – Part 1

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King’s Casino Rozvadov, Sam Trickett and Leon Tsoukernik, €1.100.000 in the table, blinds €100/€200.

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Rating: 2.88, Duration: 2:6:2 , Author: na Veia, Likes: 38, Dislikes: 28, source

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  1. phones should be banned,hole on the phone 24/7 its a jokers game,about as exciting as a fart in a spacesuit

  2. Добрый вечер! что-то казино Кинг Разводов,давно не выкладывает свежее видио игры в покер или прямую трансляцию ???

  3. I cannot believe Trickett made the river call with bottom two pair. His opponent can confidently bet all better value hands than him and doesnt really have many bluffs, what 53 or 57? He doesn't bet AJ or worse on the river either so I think you can confidently fold there.

  4. Leon is straight garbage… just grabs chips at his disposal from the cage

  5. when these games get good like a year or two ago Leon would snap everything

  6. they keep talking about all these way bigger pots, the days before, where is that game??? someone link it to me.

  7. i "Muck" around on My phone while playing but Rarely do i Hold up a Game!!

  8. Nothing bugs me more that playing or watching poker with a guy who mucks around with a mobile phone.

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